HELP - Trying to bridge a CE1000 for subs

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joefords    0

I am new to this and really dont understand how to bridge my amp for supwoofers. I have a crossover with sub out going to input 1 on the amp. I have the switch in bridge mode. I have a nuetrix output to my sub but have no audio. Am I doing something wrong? It says to connect the speakers across the postive output terminals, do not use the negative terminals. How do I do that with a cable? Please help. Thanks!

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Kevin Heber    0

Not easy to do with speakon connectors. First, you need an NL4 cable. Then you have to physcially open up the connector body on the amp side of the cable and re-wire it such that the speaker is hooked to the 1+ and 2+ pins. Might require soldering. Use the channel 1 speakon output only. There are some decent illustrations of this on pages 12-13 of the old XTi manual:

If the amp has binding post outputs, you can just connect the speaker to the two red posts instead. Quite a bit easier.

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