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CSL 800 turn off transients ("popping")

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i have an issue with my Crown CSL 800: After years of operation, it now bangs / pops when turning off.

I think this happened after one gig, at which the amp has been very hot and the sound "parped" at low frequencies (just like a loudspeaker was destroyed - but it wasn't). After cooling down and cleaning the amp inside, all was ok again - but now i have this loud "bang" noise (transient) when turning off.

I already downloaded the service manual, but i didn't find any hint there. Could you perhaps help me with additional information what to do / check here? (I work as an electronic technician so i think i can repair it myself if anyone has a hint for me.)

Any ideas which leaky cap could probably cause this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help,


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