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MA 5002VZ fault

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StephenHoy    0


The amp seems to work well at 8 ohms but at 4 or 2 ohms the IOC flashes at output voltage 45V at 4 or 2 ohm.The IOC only flashes and as you increase the output past the 45v piont , after that it only flashes agian at max output. The channel also seems a bit down on power at 2 ohm.

Checks made so far:

No output dry joints

Amp works fine in lock high mode. :huh:

Checked VZ switch circuit seems OK but distortion in square wave output on Mosfets in swtch 555 timer OK all cables OK.

Tried another cap switch assembly no change

Tried another output assemble no change

Tried another Main assemble no change

Bit of a strange one please help


South Africa

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