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hunteri    0

When using the latest Peak Audio Disco, it appears to be looking for a "database.ini" file for firmware upload. (This is the CM-1 chip firmware, not the crown firmware). The firmware posted on the crown website (ver 2.9.8) unzips as a .bin file. So, the disco utility cannot see it, and therefore cannot upload it... Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious here? (Trying to update both USP3/CN and BSS 8810C- both with the same problem).

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DGlass    0

Put the .bin files for the individual devices CM-1 firmware upgrade into the Disco firmware folder. For the Peak Audio "Disco" program to see the .bin files they must be placed in the C:\Program Files\Peak Audio\CobraNet Discovery\firmware directory.

I believe that their configuration file “database.ini” is created the first time the Disco program is run and it sees the .bin files in the firmware folder.

Check out their User's Manual that is accessible from the CobraNet listing in the Start menu. If you still cannot get the program to work you may have to contact Peak Audio.

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