Xti 4002 Limiter Question

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mentor2    0


I have recently purchased a Crown XTI 4002 after upgrading from my xls2500 drivecore. The power amp wattage is slightly higher than the speaker wattage, so i'm wondering if this will likely lead to any problems, and if I should use the limiter settings <maybe -1dB???>. A sound tech will be borrowing my equipment so I won't be able to see how it works in a live environment just yet. The bands will be playing rock genre.

FOH - 2x Yamaha R115 15" full range 2 way - 1.75" HF, 50hZ - 20kHz, 98dbSPL 1m, 500w pgm / 1000w peak, 30.5kg, 8 ohm

power amp - Crown XTi 4002 on Stereo mode. 650w + 650w

Also, I was hoping somebody could explain to me what the SUM setting is for the inputs.

Thank you for your assistance.


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Kevin Heber    0

You'd have to really slam this amp hard to exceed the speakers' peak power, so if you just run it normally and clip once in awhile, you'll be fine. The RMS power is on the edge of OK-ness.

The sum (CH1+Ch2) feature just sums both inputs and sends the mono signal to each output.

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