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Kevin Heber

How to deal with those funny 20-amp plugs

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The XTi6000/6002, XLS5000, iTech, MacroTech and other high-power amplifier products come with a NEMA 5-20 plug with one of the prongs turned sideways. This is because these products can, in their most power-hungry moments, draw more than 15 amps. It it also so the amplifier can comply with electrical regulations and certifcations such as CE. As you might expect, this plug is also telling you that the amplifier wants to be put on a 20-amp circuit breaker or larger.

Most new construction provides outlets capable of receiving either the standard household 15-amp plugs or those funny 20-amp plugs. The nice thing about these outlets is not just that they are so accommodating, but that because of the outlet style you now know for a fact that they will also be connected to at least 20-amp circuit breakers, assuming the building complies with electrical codes.

Older construction typically won't accommodate 20-amp plugs and may or may not have a 20-amp or larger circuit breaker. You just have to investigate for yourself.

So how do you plug a 20-amp plug into a 15-amp outlet, if you are stuck with one? We can't officially recommend any solution, but rumor has it that there may be adapters available online...

Also here is a page where you can get charts showing exactly how much current draw and heat dissipation each amp is capable of:

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