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Crown Amp in JBL PRX-618

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stomashek    0

This weekend we did an outdoor service for our church. We have two PRX-618 XLF subs. We ran the audio to the subs, then on to the powered tops. Everything was run off a generator. Everything powered up and worked except the subs. The light was on, the signal light was flashing and it was passing audio to the tops. We tried a bunch of stuff and could not get them to work.

The location had one 15 amp outlet so on a whim we plugged the sub into that outlet and it worked. So everything ran off the generator except the two subs. I'm trying to figure out why this happened. Is it because the generator isn't grounded so there is no ground reference for the power supply? The voltage at power strip for the subs was around 130 according to the guy helping me. He had put a meter on the outlet, but I wasn't right there when he did it, so I can't verify that the number is correct.

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