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XTI 6002 (new) or i-Tech 6000HD (used) for subs...

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dakos    0

Since I don't have the subs yet I can't give you any parameters beyond that the amp is going to work on the subs, considering I have about 1800W of tops, I will need about 2000-2500W of subs. So, considering their price is about the same, which amp is the preferred amp?

How many volts are the rails of the XTI6002 compared to the IT6000?

What's the difference between the newer i-Tech HD's (5000, 9000, 12000) and the older ones (4000, 6000, 8000) except for the obvious 500W bump in power?

Thank you

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tlureman    0

Since you don't have the subs yet, I really can't give a definite answer, since both amps have advantages with different types of loads.

The ITHD's are tweaked versions of the original IT's, with much improved processing and network audio.

The main question you need to ask is how much processing do you really need? The IT's have processing advantage over XTi, mainly because it has a built in compressor. The XTi does not.

The nice thing about the XTi is that it will come with a 3 year warranty, whereas the used IT is probably already out of warranty. If something were to go wrong with that, the IT's are pretty expensive to fix.

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