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CDI series/Crown/70v question

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3PedalMINI    0

Hi guys,

I am a custom installer with experience with 8ohm speakers. I am currently doing a large outdoor speaker system and coincidentally we have just been contracted to design and install a huge outdoor venue so 70v is what i have to work with :)

For my outdoor system i had originally ordered 2 1160a amps. This all changed when my customers decided to add more speakers due to project changes and in ceiling sub woofers to the covered deck. I originally ordered a DBX 223 crossover but since the project has been delayed due to the hurricane i have more time to think over my original design.

1st zone)Covered Patio has a pair JBL Control19CS (without transformer) and 6 episode outdoor in ceiling speakers with transformers tapped at 8ohm and 20 watts each. I can use one CDI100 for 1st channel (70v speakers) and use the internal crossover 2nd channel for the sub woofers set at 4ohm correct? 16/2 for the speakers and 14/2 for the subwoofers both max run only 60 feet from rack

2nd zone) 1st channel of CDI1000 amp; Middle terrace. 4 Bose freespace 51's with inground weatherproof transformer 8 ohm set at 20 watts. 18/2 furthest speaker 150feet from rack

3rd zone) 2nd channel of CDI1000 amp; driving 8 bose freespace 51's with in ground weatherproof transformer 8ohm set at 20 watts. 18/2 furthest speaker 300 feet from rack

4th zone) Crown 180a 2 pendant speakers with transformer set at 8ohm 10 watts (i know overkill isnt it lol). 18/2 furthest speaker 210 feet from rack.

i would have used sonance's 70v solution throughout but my customer requested the outdoor speakers be blose <_<

I have a DBX zone pro 640 to control the volume/sources controlled via RTI u2 outdoor remote. Should i use the DBX's internal equalizer to EQ the speakers or should i not bother and use the CDI series to EQ the speakers?

Also, this doesnt have to do with the systems but why are the 1160a and the CDI 1000's so close in price (dealer)? i dont understand, the CDI is so much more Robust and feature rich especially with the amount of power they can deliver. I didnt realize until a few days ago that they had the CDI series and can drive 70v systems. Otherwise i would have just used them in in the beginning.

for the venue i plan on using 6 CDi4000 series amps for a total of 12 channels

TIA! i really appreciate any input

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Kevin Heber    0

As far as I can tell, your setup looks fine.

The EQ can go either place. I believe the CDi has more total bands of PEQ than the 640, although you shouldn't need that many.

Good point about the 1160A vs the CDi1k. If you're using a home preamp or a Crown 14/28M, these units won't be able to push the CDi to full output.

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