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ITech question

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Schmuck    0

I have been getting our Itechs up to current firmware etc, and have just noticed something. I am not sure if its a bug or not. After updating and reloading a dataframe I have made, I looked in the monitor menu (because of the ! on the face) to clear out the error codes I had tripped in testing the preset on the other amp. All of the error codes cleared except for the clip count one. It goes thru the motion on the face of the button push and then hold it down, and says error codes cleared, but the numbers stay in the amp, and the ! stays on on the face. I cycled the power, and it still stayed the same. Did I set something up in the IQ/wiq software to keep from being able to wipe these on the faceplate?

Also what I am not positive about is will those error reports save and load with the dataframe, changing on the amp per what dataframe is loaded, or will the amp just keep a running tally? Did the amps retain that information when being reflashed with the new firmware?



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KGring    0

The ! indicates that the error reporting detected errors at some time on the amp. These errors will remain stored in the amp until removed.This is new in the 3.01 firmware to visually let you know the amplifier has logged these errors. This can be removed by clearing the errors from the front panel menu. There is a small bug, the clear function for thermal error and for clip errors are revered. You clear clip errors from the thermal screen, and you clear clip errors from the thermal screen. This is being fixed in the firmware.

Errors remain on the amplifier even after updating firmware unless they are manually deleted.

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