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ITHD5000 Symbol

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JPM.    0


I dont know how long it has been there but one of my IT5000hd amps has an exclamation mark sitting in the middle of the screen between the ATT levels. May have always been there.

Anyone know what it means?



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Kevin Heber    0

The “!” indicates that errors were detected in the past, such as line voltage, thermal or clip error events. These errors remain stored in the amp until cleared. The indicator can be removed by clearing the errors from the front panel menu. The instructions below are for the iT8000 but the process is pretty much the same for iT5000HD:

To clear an error:

* Hit the MENU button.

* Hit the PREV button to get to Monitor Menu.

* Press one of knobs to get to the Monitor Menu.

* Press NEXT button to get to error counts.

* To clear the error, press a knob and confirm.

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