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Mctwins    0


In the new SA 3.0 version for the MAI there is 2 new enable button under Amplifier Information. One is called Compressor Link and the other is Output Limiter Link.

What does these enable buttons do?

I tried the help section but i think it's not updated with the latest info in SA.


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Kevin Heber    0

What they do is that if channel 1 is compressing, channel 2 will compress and vice versa. The idea being that if you are using a two way system and feeding highs into channel 2 and lows into channel 1 that they will compress together even if only the highs are tripping the compressor. So basically what it does it apply the impact of the compressor or limiter to both channels no matter which one trips it. The idea being that the channels will stay relatively balanced to each other.

Note that the values you see for Ch1 / Ch2 will not change based on the linked / unlinked status.

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