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XLS 1000 Input/Link

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couriouso    0

Desired Config: 4x bridged Amps, 2x Left Low/Hipass, 2x right Low/Hipass

I want to Link the signal from the Left Hipass to the Left Lowpass Amp.

I found following information:


1) Can unused INPUTS (XLR, 1/4", RCA) be used as THRU LINKS to additional amps?

Yes, the input connectors are just in parallel with each other.

Note that the 1/4" jack is a TRS (BALANCED) input/output.


Can i Link the Amps using a Stereo-Jack at both ends, because it's balanced and connect the amps together?

Or i have to use at one side a stereo jack, and at the other a XLR Plug?

I'm a bit confused, i cant find also an information in the manual.

Thanks for support.

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