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Help on Set-up - Crown CE4000 and DriveRack 260

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crowdr    0

I have several Crown CE4000's and would like to "daisy chain" those that are used on the same band pass without having to use Y-splitters everywhere. I have a dBx DriveRack 260 and I want to run a dual mono tri-amp set-up. Here is what I have:

Speakers Per side:

2 each SRX 4733 Cabinets

2 each SRX 4719 Subwoofers

The manual shows how you can parallel the inputs but I use the CE 4000's in bridge mode. Is it ok to parallel the inputs and jump from one (input 2) to the other mid or sub amp (input one) while being in bridge mode? If so, I can use the other outputs on the DriveRack to go to the other amp rack on the other side of the stage and not have to use another DriveRack.

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Kevin Heber    0

You'd have to use input 1 to jump to the next amp's input 1, because input 2 isn't active in bridge mode. And sure, I don't see why you couldn't use the same DR if you have 3 more outputs.

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