lightweight replacement amp for crown microtech 1200

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hexbass    0

Although I love my mt1200, My age and back are requesting a lighter weight power amp for my bass rig. I use an Alembic F1-X for pre and have an Accugroove Whappo Jr. rated at 800 watts, I like quite a bit of overhead on the power side of things. I don't really understand the damping factor side of things but have heard that low damping can cause undue speaker movement and heat and distortion. Could anyone suggest a Crown for my application (drivecore or other low weight model) and how much do I need to be concerned about a low damping factor? thanks John

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Kevin Heber    0

I'd go with the XLS1500 or XTi1000. As far as damping factor, I think simply budgeting for proper power is going to affect sound quality to a much greater degree than damping factor. There are white papers that suggest damping factor is inaudible beyond only the very lowest numbers (<10). On the other hand, there are those who swear by it; although such claims are subjective.

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