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itech 8000 Daisy Chaining on Bass? need help?

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I'm running 2 Itech-8000's on bass. I put the input into the top amp, come out and goto the next amp but it sees as if the bass is louder with just one amp.

When I turn both amps on the bass has got to be fighting one another......awhile back I changed the jump xlr's.

I'm thinking it has to be my jump xlr cables. I thought they were balanced but not sure if the 2pin is + on the cable??? Does this matter?

What are the better cables to get?

Thanks in Advance

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tlureman    0

Hi there, I think I talked to you on the phone the other day.

Have you had any luck with what we discussed? The symptoms really made it sound like one of the amps has reversed polarity, either in the amp or because of the cables.

Another thought I had later on what it might be the room acoustics. Because low frequency waves are so large, there are large peaks and valleys within a room. If the subs are positioned just right (just wrong really) one amps peak could be reaching you just as the other amps valley is reaching you. Which could cause bass cancellation

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