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Crown PZM-30GPB

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tempesax    0

A friend of mine has two Crown PZM-30GPB microphones that he wants to sell.

Can anyone tell me anything about these?

Are they similar to the PZM-30D that is currently in production?

How do they differ?

What is the going price for these?

They have three pieces, the plate with the microphone on it, an XLRM-to-XLRF connector, and a PX-18 Transformer Power Supply.

I assume you plug the XLRM-to-XLRF connector directly to the plate, and then use two mic cables with the PX-18 Transformer Power Supply in between the two cables to connect the microphone to a mic pre amp.

Is this correct?

What is a good mic pre-amp to use with this microphone?

What is a good application for this microphone?

Thanks for your help,


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