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djjarosk    0


I have two 18" subwoofers ( 600w rms ) & I want to use a Crown XLS 2500. The amp haves 2400w(4ohm) in the mono bridge mode. The two subs have together 1200W rms (4ohm paralel)

& my question is if the XLS 2500 will be enoff for the Subs. Because my frend told me that the D-class amps are not good for Subwoofers.

Thanks! :)

Sorry for my English :D Hope you can read it

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Kevin Heber    0

The Class D amps we are making are high-performance and extremely reliable and do not have the shortcomings of previous-gen Class D amps. The 2500 will work fine for these speakers, although it is definitely on the bottom of the price/performance scale and will be working very hard.

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