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Crown amp FAQ's by model

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1) POWER DRAW and THERMAL Dissipation specs:

2) Connecting CONSUMER AUDIO stuff to CROWN amps:


3) What new amp REPLACES OLD AMP:


4) UNLOCKING amps:


5) Do we have any MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) data?

No, but we can offer you a BOM (in the service manual).



7) The AC PLUG looks weird / won't fit into standard outlet / looks like 220V (North America)

It's just a 20-amp plug (it has a sideways prong). You need to get an adapter for it. We don't sell these, nor do we know where to get one. Ask a local pro audio shop (Guitar Center, etc)

XLS-D (old, obsolete)

1) Can it do bridged-mono 4-ohm / 2-ohm?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. The amp is very inefficient and tends to overheat.

2) How do I bridge an older amp without the BRIDGE switch?

Use both inputs and put one out of polarity with the other (i.e., reverse pins 2 and 3 on one XLR input).


1) Can unused INPUTS (XLR, 1/4", RCA) be used as THRU LINKS to additional amps?

Yes, the input connectors are just in parallel with each other.

Note that the 1/4" jack is a TRS (BALANCED) input/output.

2) How is new XLS different?

Designed by Crown, Class D, MUCH lighter and more efficient, more integrated, more reliable, stable at 2 ohms, can do simple crossover.

3) Can the amp do a BANDPASS crossover?

No, it can do a lowpass on one or both channels, or a highpass on one or both channels.

4) Can the AC LINE VOLTAGE be adjusted?

No, the amp must be ordered for the proper regional line voltage.

XTi / XTi2

1) How is the XTi2 different?

Better limiter, fan control, and cosmetics (same power, sound, specs, etc.)

2) How do I plug into the BANANA JACKS? They seem blocked.

Yank out the plastic protective barriers with a wood screw, pliers or your favorite yanking tool.

3) How do I LOCK/UNLOCK?

Press PREV and NEXT buttons at the same time. Or connect to Band Manager/Sys Architect and uncheck the FRONT PANEL LOCKOUT checkbox.

4) Can't see it in System Architect:


5) FAN control:


6) Does the XTi2 series work with BAND MANAGER?

Only with version 2 of BandManager.


1) Can I drive 70V on one channel and 8/4 ohm on another?


2) How do I put it into 70V/100V mode?

From the front panel, you press ENTER-NEXT-ENTER then set channels to HI-Z

There is no 100V mode. You will need to set 100V speaker taps about 50% higher to achieve the rated tap.

3) Should I /can I run in bridge-mono?

You can, but probably shouldn't. Bridged mode delivers 140V, not 70V, so you'd need to set your speaker taps to accommodate. 140V is only used for very long cable runs.

4) Here's a link to Crowns "GUIDE TO CONSTANT-VOLTAGE SYSTEMS":


Here's a link to "Constant Voltage" Transformer Power Delivered Calculator:



1) What's the difference between XTi and DSi?

Input connectors and presets. All audio specs are identical. The DSi also has JBL cinema speaker presets.

iTech (old)

1) Can't see it in System Architect or if it has older then 2.0 firmware


for general Ethernet setup


1) What's the difference between old iTech and new iTechHD?

iTHD has much better DSP with FIR filters, CobraNet, more power at 4 ohms, and better reliability.

2) What's the difference between iTechHD and MAi?

iTHD has built-in DSP for xovers/EQ/delay/etc.; also has CobraNet and AES inputs. MAi also has a second Ethernet port (a mini-switch). Other than that, they are the same amp.

CTs (2-channel)


Nothing you can do except unplug all cables, recycle power and make sure your amp is receiving proper line voltage. Then send it in for service.

On the CTs MULTICHANNEL amps, if all the clip/fault LED's are on, the unit may be reset with a reset button located behind the faceplate (take the top cover off to access).

2) What's the difference between USP3 and USP4?

USP4 comes with CobraNet, has better DSP functions like FIR filters, auto-leveling and pilot tone detect; and there is a programmable line-level analog aux output. There is no secondary CobraNet jack, however, as in the USP3CN.

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