XTi4000 being strange

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Hi, got an XTi4000 doing the odd strange thing.

ser no 8001574198

If I enter config (through the front panel) and scroll through the various settings, sometimes after I have reached the end item in the menu (bridge/stereo) and then press SEL/ENTER to exit, the amp will power-off. The relay clicks out, the display & backlight goes off and the blue power LED goes out.

The only way to get it working again is to either cycle the mains switch or pull the plug.

It isnt a bad connection or switch, it is linked to exiting the config screen.

Is this a fault, or do they all do that?



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No just the mains supply connected.

It doesn't do it every time!

I have connected it to Sys Architect and it seems happy with the firmware version.

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Today it all powered-off without me touching it.

It was sitting with power-on no load no signal, I went to get a cup of coffee and when I came back the power was off. I had changed the mains lead to rule that out. It always powers back if i cycle the mains switch.

Can the CPU instruct a power-down? Or is it going to be confined to the PSU? This is a UK grey import so warranty void :rolleyes:

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