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low volume from Crown xls202

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ranger    0

First of all, I am an amateur at running and installing sound systems.

We recently set up a new sound system in our church and I have been having trouble getting it to work properly.

Equipment: Shure ULX Wireless Mic system, Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixer, Crown XLS202 Amp, JBL Control-23 speakers

Problem: In order to get any volume I have to run the system with the gain, line level. master volume control on the mixer, and the amp controls very high. When I do this I have a lot of background noise even without anything plugged into the mixer.

Anyone have an idea where my problem is? I need to get this fixed, our pastor has all the sermons recorded and the recordings sound terrible with all the noise.

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Kevin Heber    0

The XLS202 should only need 1.4Vrms (corresponds to 0dB on most mixers) to clip with the knobs turned up all the way. Is there any way you could verify that you have this signal level coming out of the mixer? Also make sure that all 3 pins are connected properly on the XLR link. In other words, if you have reason to doubt your cable (i.e. it's home-made or nonstandard) then check on it.

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