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thesoundgod    0

For years you have refused to bring System Architect to Mac. Plain and simple I would like to know why? You claim that if someone wants to run your software on a Mac they need to run a virtual machine or bootcamp. The reason people are purchasing Apple computers is to be rid of windows, not so a company like Harman can force us to buy software to put on our machines that we don't need. For years you have told us you don't have the demand for the product. My question to you is with ever school in the country that teaches audio engineering leaning towards Mac, Full Sail even giving each student at their campuses one, this is something that needs to be addressed and resolved. You can make apps for iPhone and iPad but not Apple computers. If you have the SDK from Apple this allows you build computer applications as well as ios devices. Stop lying to your loyal customers and just give us a choice. You are the only sound company that refuses to give your customers a choice.

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Kevin Heber    0

Hear ya loud & clear, and we do hear this a lot. All I can tell you is that SA is heavily invested in the .NET platform, so porting it fully to Mac isn't trivial. Nevertheless, your feedback is duly noted and will be considered by the appropriate folks.

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