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Kevin Heber

Unlocking an amplifier that is locked / locked out

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Kevin Heber    0

There are 3 levels of lockout, in order here from simplest to most complex.

1) Front Panel Button Lockout To lock/unlock, press the PREV and NEXT buttons on the faceplate at the same time (XTi, CDi, DSi, iTech).

2) Software Lockout Use System Architect to communicate with the amp. Open the amp’s control panel and check/uncheck the FRONT PANEL LOCKOUT checkbox.

3) Password Lockout If the amp shows up in System Architect with a small padlock icon on it, the only way to defeat this password lockout is to reflash firmware.

XTi/CDi/DSi: Use CLoader.exe (available here as an attachment) to manually load firmware.

All other amps: Install iQwic and use its TCPIQ Utility (available at manually upload firmware. Ignore any messages that say “No OIF file”. Firmware version must be post-2.0 in order for System Architect to see the amplifier after this step.

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