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System Setup, Crown XLS 1000 + 6 speakers

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bigsoundama    0


I purchased an XLS 1000, but have not picked it up from the store yet. I already have the speakers. I have never set up a stereo system before, and want to get some professional advice as to whether this system makes sense.

Here are the speakers I have:

4x Mariner 61 (

2x Definitive AW6500 (

I was told to wire these in all parallel. As per the manual of the speakers above, the bigger two run anywhere from 4 to 8 ohms, whereas the smaller 4 run from 6 to 8 ohms. Also, the bigger speakers seem to ask for 10 to 200 watts whereas the smaller ask for 5 to 80 watts. If we assume the resistance will stay in this range, we get a swing of 1.7 to 2.7 ohms. The sales rep said this is fine, however, the specifications measure as little as 2 ohms, does this imply that 1.7 will break the system? The maximum power we will draw is, say, 70 watts per speaker. Will this cause issues? If I hook everything together in parallel, will I be forced to under utilize the full potential of the larger speakers?

The other idea I had was to wire the bigger speaker in series with the smaller speakers in parallel. This is because the bigger speaker asks for 10-200 watts whereas the smaller speaker asks for 5-80 watts. By putting the bigger speaker in series with the other two in parallel, it should get about four times the power, depending on the frequency of the signal. However, in this mode, the resistance will swing between 7 and 12 ohms. Again, the specifications only discuss a maximum of 8 ohms. Will this cause issues?

Another option is to get a speaker switch, to maintain the resistance at some desired level.

What do you recommend?

To give you some background on the setup... I am installing this system in a large room which will be used to do things like:

listen to the radio (FM/AM), CDs, and play my guitar.

The size of the environment is approximately 40 by 20 feet.

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Kevin Heber    0

You're going to run 3 speakers per side, right? That should be fine; just make sure the amp does not ever clip.

Ideally, you would want another amp in this system, but you can make it work with what you have if you run things prudently.

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