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Crown XTi4000, JBLSRX, and dbx DriveRack PA+

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There are a lot of discussions concerning these items but most of it is still high tech mumbo jumbo to my novice brain. Let's try this and see if we can KISS it for me. I know my speaker ratings and power amp ratings but I can't seem to get the PA+ set up correctly. Do I run L/R from the High and Low outputs of the PA+ to the L/R inputs of the amps then bridge from there or is there just one input into the amp from the PA+? I want to run each XTi 4000 in Bridge Mono @ 4ohm for both the SRX715 tops and SRX718S subs giving each cab 1600 watts. These amps send 3200 watts at 4 ohms Bridged so it's perfect. The dbx doesn't allow me to set the tops in bridge mode but it will the subs. There is a bridge selection on the amp DSP too. Should I use both the PA+ and the XTi settings or bypass one or the other? So, I come out of the amp with a Banana plug to Speakon to the first cab then parallel it to the other cab? My only concern is that the dbx and XTi are set appropriately before I go out to the speakers. And, using Band manager, how will it know how many XTi's I have if there is only one USB connection on each. I can't hook them all together? Clear as mud I'm sure. Thanks for any help on this. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much.

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