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new to band mangar would really appreciate a lil advice

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zxtuner84    0

hi i'm just looking for a way to restore the factory presets that come within the xti 6000. someone decided to mess around with band manager while i was away and now all of the factory presets that are avaible right out of the box are now gone. as i said id like to restore the factory presets either that or i would appreciate some advice on a good general setting for the crossover and the eq. i'm running 1 jbl srx728s on the xti 6000 im sending 2,100 watts to it. i really want to get the most out of this sub as i hear from others it can really produce some very stong lows when powered properly as well as the right gain eq and crossover settings. the program power is 3200 watts 4 this sub. so do i run it in stereo @ 2100 watts or run bridged mono @ 6000 watts? bridged mono sounds like it would be to much due to the fact that this sub is rated at 6400 watts peak. as im sure u can tell im still learning so thanks in advance for any advice and information.

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Kevin Heber    0

You can run the 728s either way (dual or bridged) from the 6k but if you run bridged, I would set the limiter to -3dB.

As far as EQ and xover settings, the JBL preset for the XTi shows this:

Lowpass: LR48dB/oct at 88Hz

Highpass: Butterworth 18dB/oct at 30Hz

This is just a starting point. You should tweak these to taste and to your venue. Also, use System Architect or Band Manager to set any EQ to taste and/or to the venue's specific acoustics. Honestly, getting the maximum thump out of your system is going to come down to a lot of trial and error.

To restore the factory defaults, use System Architect to force a firmware upgrade, or load in a generic device file. I can send you a generic device file if you want -- email me at

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