Xti4000 with a mac?

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nate21    0

Just got myself a Xti4000. I then realized that there is no link to download HiQnet/system Architect for mac :( . (this is a problem because all I have is a new Macbook pro and wouldn't plan on running Windows vista on it) What do I do now? I had red other topics on this but I'm just not getting it, can anyone tell me how I can do it? or if it's even possible?


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tlureman    0

System Architect/Band Manager must be run through a Windows environment because it uses Microsoft .Net Framework as it's backbone. You cannot run SA through Mac OS directly. You can put Windows on your MBPro using Mac OS's built in Boot Camp or an emulator such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Either way, you need a working copy of Windows on your machine.

If you decide to go this rout and want more info please email me at

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