Crown PSA-2

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PiDH    0

Hi there

Hi have just qcquired 2 vintage crown psa2.

I would like to change the fans and i don't know wich model to use. I'have found some regular 115V .21 A 50/60 Hz but does it do the job?


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Wrinkles    0
The PSA-2 fan (newer versions) is the same as the current MA5000VZ. Part#C7858-1. It is indeed a 120VAC fan.

Hello Kevin,

I also have a PSA-2. I have brought the amplifier inside to the home listening stereo environment. The fan is noisy. Is the fan you mention in the above post a quiet whisper type fan? If not can you tell me the CFM expected from the PSA-2 fans so I can look for a suitable whisper style fan? Also, what is the specification for your PSA-2 fan noise? <16 db? <25 db?

The PSA-2 is an incredible sounding amplifier and I would like to keep it in the home environment. It looks rough, but it sounds great.



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