Crown ct amps and voltage

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patrickm36    0

I have an installed amp rack consisting of 2 ct810's and 1 ct 210. The 210 failed first, we replaced the usp2 chip then the amp failed again (indicated by ioc lights, slowly coming on then staying on) We have placed an 810 in place of the 210 with the chip in the 210 going into the 810. That amp seems to be working fine but now one of the original 810's is doing the same thing as the 210. The facility has had brown outs, i would say about ten over the course of 4 hours. We are wondering how voltage effects the usp chips or if there is any other reason the amps are failing. These amps are less than 2 years old and are run at very low settings ( podium mic, some media) Any thoughts?

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DGlass    0

Is the amplifier still passing good audio on the channel that is showing IOC?

If it is it may be the LM339 on the display board.

When you say USP-2 chip do you mean a PIP USP-2 module?

Check and make sure the ribbon cables that connect the USP-2 to the amplifier are seated all the way on both ends.

Does the IOC light go out if you remove the USP-2 Module from the amplifier?

If it does it could be the PIP is geting damaged during the power brown outs or the programing has been corrupted.

Do you have an IQ Interface and a computer running the IQ for Windows software that you can monitor the amplifiers with?

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