Constant voltage lines with CTs amplifiers

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Hi all,

I see that a CTs 2000 can drive constant voltage lines @70V or @100V.

Let's say that I want to drive lines of loudspeakers with tappable transformers (i.e. JBL Control 25 AV). On a particular setting of the tap, the loudspeaker power is 30W if the line is @70V, or 60W if the line is @100V.

But on a CTs 2000 amplifier it seems to me that ther user can't set the voltage of the line.

So, my question is: who decides the voltage of the lines?


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DGlass    0

Without going into some high level circuit theory the amplifier basically knows. Technologies in the amplifier allow for the power supply and the amplifier's current limiters to sense if the line is drawing a high current at a low impedance and allows the amplifier to produce more output voltage. :)

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