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when updating the ITech's we have to v1.30 I see this file (ITaLdr.bin) in the zip, but no mention anywhere of what it is for or if it should be installed anywhere. Any insight?

Also noticing that it says to install fimrware first, which lists putting the ITA130.oif file into IQWic and then installing 7.20, which overwrites that file with an older version of it. The error window gives some oif errors then when the 1.30 amp is accessed until you re-overwrite the file with the ITA130.oif from the firmware download. Just posting that because I noticed it, and wanted to make sure I had done everything ok.


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Take a look at the latest download 1.301 and you will see a lot of this is cleared up in the newest firmware instructions.

The LDR files you are referring to are automatically generated by our software during the making of the .bin files and were placed in the download folder even though you may not need them.

If you have a firmware lower than 1.202 you may need the newer loader to get the new .bin files to load correctly. Since there are very few of the older firmware units left out there it was never mentioned in the .pdf update instructions.

Our apologies for any confusion.

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