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vani    0

I am having an odd experience with Crown CE 1000. The problem is when i use it to power to JBL SF12M, i don't hear any sound, but it works with BOSE MB4 (i didn't try with others). Anyone can explain why? Thank you.

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DGlass    0

If the amplifier is working with one set of speakers and not another the first place at would look is at the wiring.

Since the MB4 is a sub box and the SF12M is a full range box I have to ask if you are using the CE in Bridge-Mono for the MB4 sub?

Also are you trying to use the CE in BM or Dual Channel for the SF12M?

Are you using the Speakon connectors? If you are-make sure you are using the right Pins on the connectors.

I can think of no reason why the CE amplifier would work with one speaker and not another other than wiring configurations.

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