System Architect file problem

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stomashek    0

I went to open my file for a setup with just two amplifiers. An XTi1000 and a CDi2000.

I loaded the file from the laptop and it still said "New File" at the top. If I double click the file itself the computer shows a pop up that it is looking for "System Architect 2.10.msi" file in a temp folder. Thinking that the program was messed up, I downloaded the installer again and ran it. It also tried to find the same .msi file.

So I can't seem to load my file. In the process I wiped out all my settings on the amps. I was able to get that reloaded, but I don't have the custom panel I made since I can't seem to get the file open.

Any ideas what's going on? The only other thing I did was accidentally opened Band Manager first this morning. That shouldn't cause a problem, but maybe it did.


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Kevin Heber    0

Band Manager should definitely not be running while trying to launch System Architect.

Assuming you still can't load the file with Band Manager closed, can you please send it to me and I'll check it out:

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