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Mouse AV    0

Is it possible to use a generic current loop PCMCIA card as an IQ interface?

I have some of EVERY vintage IQ still running and need to be able to support and service all of it.

Carrying around a 1ru interface isn't my favorite solution. In addition to large, connected pools of IQ, I have a lot of individual systems with one or two IQ devices.

Thanks :blink:

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DGlass    0

We no longer make a pocket serial interface (PSI) device even the generic unit from Black Box (CL090A-F) that we originally recommended, as a replacement, has been changed by the manufacture and we have had no luck with the current model.

Since the Black Box unit was a generic device you may be able to another generic unit to work. Just remember to go into the software and in the Setup|Communication menu window select "Use RS232/Current Loop converter". A generic devices will not have the firmware needed to process our code so by selecting this check box the necessary processing will be done in the computer.

If you will email me your Email address to I will send you the instructions that we had for the original Black Box 20ma convert.

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