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Editing BandManager Settings 'Off-Line'

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oatmeal769    0

Am I overlooking the possibility to edit user preset files via Band Manager without being connected to the amps themselves?

I'd like to be able to edit and change the settings on my saved pre-sets at some other time/place than at practice or a gig. Then be able to connect and sync/save/update the changes on the amp(s) as convenient.

I'm not able to find a way to edit my saved files 'off-line' though, am I overlooking something?


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Maybe there's a simpler way, but I would do it like this: Open Band Manager in Demo mode, load the presets you want to modify in the virtual amps, modify them and then save the presets in a folder where you can find them again.

Next time you open your amps for real, load the presets from your known location.

BTW, I had not done it, it's just that as BM does not allow to load amps if they are not there, the only solution I can see is using demo mode.

Best regards,


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