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BillNorth    0

I bought a new 1600 watt amp and two 12' subs and i got everything hooked up but the amp only works some of the time. Im not sure if i have all the wires hooked up right or what. I would appreciate some input. Thankyou.

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DGlass    0

OK.............? ALMIP(A Little More Information Please) :D

Is that 1600 watts per channel or 1600 watts Bridge-Mono?

1600 watts at what Impeadance?

Or otherwise: What 1600 watt amp is it?

What is the Impedance of your speakers?

What is the power rating of your speakers?

What AC is the amplifier plugged into?

Is that a 15A or 20A, 120V or 220v AC circuit it is plugged into?

What do you have plugged into the amplifier as an input?

How is the output of the amplifier connected?

Dual Channel or Bridge-Mono?

When you say it only works some of the time what do you mean?

Does it only work at low output levels?

Does it only work when it’s the only thing plugged into that AC circuit?

Does it only play Disco? :lol: (A little joke here)

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