Macro-Tech i power Consumtion

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KevinNRP    0

Anyone know the answer. The link is dead. Interested in knowing the answer but I think you could probably only plug 1, 5000i if any into a 20A Duplex at 120v. Pretty sure you couldn't run the 9000i or 12000i on a 20A circuit if you are using them to their capabilities.

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dakos    0

If you use it to its full capacity, you can't even run one 4000/5000 on a single 20 amp breaker. As you can see the number if amps you can run on any given breaker is actually up to how hard you drive the amps.

You can get the data you want, 1/8 or 1/3 power by downloading the user manual or the data sheet of the product in question.

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