Crown PCC-160 for chorale use application?

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jochief23    0

I am considering Crown PCC-160 to be used for my choir of 12-18 singers in a 20ft x 30ft (HxW) stage, carpeted. With this kind of setup, can PCC-160 be suitable and effective in this application? Also, i'm planning to setup this boundary microphone in a "wet-reverberant-sound-venue"; like a big church ambient kinda thing. Will it still be beneficial and effective to use PCC-160? Please let know. I'm planning to purchase two of them this week. I need everyone's input. Thanks.

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MChapman    0

A PCC-160 could work very well picking up a choral group, if the accoustics and placement of the speakers offer enough gain before feedback. If the space is "wet-reverberant-sound-venue", then it may be better to use a boom stand mounted microphone to give bettter direct pickup without adding the room acoustics.

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