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Hello, this is my first time here in the Forums. I have a customer that I am supporting who has several (46) PZM-10LL microphones installed. In one educational building the wiring was handled differently and I'm having problems determining which microphone is which (the guys that installed them didn't mark the cables...). Here's my there a piece of equipment or something that I can put together to test and identify each microphone. The microphones are all ceiling mounted and crawling around in an attic area in July in Florida doesn't sound like a good plan.

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There is nothing I am aware of that will do that with the microhpnes all connected. You could use a Fox and Hound to find the wires if disconnected, but will not work in circuit. One simple idea may be to use a small transistor radio placed close to the microphone to check and see which mic is picking it up. This could be hard to determine if you have multiple mics in ther same room.

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