I-tech HD Cobranet and Monitoring Question

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dsturze    0


I am looking at designing a system with a large amount of I-tech HD amplifiers. These amps have cobranet and control on the same RJ45 port. Because I am using 45 of these I-tech HD amplifers i wish to seperate the cobranet from the control and have each live on two seperate networks. Is there a way to do this? With a managed? switch maybe? Is this even nessessary? I am looking a multicasting 8 channels on one bundle.

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DGlass    0

Because of the design of the amplifier to integrate a single click solution, reducing the number of wires and switch ports required to wire a system, it is not possible to separate the two.

Also it is not necessary to separate the Cobranet from the Control system as the Control Protocol is designed to ride on the Ethernet with CobraNet.

If you are using something like a BSS BLU where the control and CobraNet are separate to start with then there is a way to use it. I made a simple diagram a while back for someone else to show the configuration and attached it below. The diagram shows CTs amps but the networking is the same.


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