Phoenix connector for the DSi-series?

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striky    0


I have just ordered a couple of Crown DSi 2000 for use with two JBL 4645C subwoofers in my home theater. I've read the online manual, and see that the DSi uses a 3 pin "Phoenix" connector for input. Can you help me find the right connector? What is the width and height of the connector? I've come across several types of Phoenix connectors:

Like this, only with 3 pins?


Or perhaps like this?


I assume that I can just chop of the one end of a XLR or RCA/phono cable, and attach the phoenix connector as described in this part of the manual?


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DGlass    0

You will not need to go looking for the connector for our customer’s convenience we supply the phoenix connector with the amp.

Yes you can cut off one end of an XLR and wire it as shown in the manual.

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