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rjpowell15    0

okay. so i am looking to buy a CM-311AE after reading all the reviews and because it's the kind of headset that looks like a piece of music equipment. what i am here to ask if there is an accessory for this microphone that would secure it under my chin--in other words the boom will be under my chin. i am asking this because i remember watching janet jackson's velvet rope tour and she had a very similar microphone, if not the same one, and she had this accessory which noticeably reduced if not eliminated bouncing and reduced the likelihood that her hands would hit the microphone during dancing. if you go to amazon.com and search for the dvd you can see what i am talking about because a picture of janet jackson wearing the microphone is the picture on front. if this is not available is there something i can fashion myself to have the same result?

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DGlass    0

You are correct the microphone used by Janet Jackson is the CM311AE microphone. However, she like many of the other large touring names, that use it, have the head set personally customized (outside of Crown) for them.

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