Viewing cuurent itech preset in i qwic

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When in edit mode you can create a "Digital Display" and assign it to the amplifier and assign the control "Last Preset Stored or Recalled" to the display.

You could also set up a group of on screen LED's or Lights each programmed to light when a different Preset is active. This is done also by assigning the control for "Last Preset Stored or Recalled" to the LED/Light. This time left click on the text in the “Object Control List”, after the control has been added a window, a new display will now appear allowing you to select which Preset the LED/Light is equal to.

Now here is a little something special you can do with a Light by using the "Object Appearance Editor". The "Object Appearance Editor" will allow you to place Text on the Light for ON and OFF. One thing I have done is to place in the "On" text box something like "Preset 1 ON", "Preset 2 ON" etc for each Preset Lite. Then, for contrast, make the font color for the ON text the same as the off color, As each preset is engaged you will get a positive feed back in words and lights as to what is going on.

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