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I have an IQ-USM 810 Digital Mixer/Processor that was installed professionally. They installed it and set it up and all that jazz. I need to know how I can see what firmware version is on there so I can save the settings they have on there. I read something about if you don't update the firmware, the new IQ stuff won't work right and if you do update the firmare, the current settings in the Mixer get erased. What the do I do?

- Matt :blink:

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First let me specify that unless you are adding newer TCP/IQ components like the PIP USP-3, PIP USP-3CN, or PIP-Lite modules you will not need the IQwic 7.12 software. There is a program included with the IQwic down load, called IQ Gateway, to make the USM-810 and other Legacy components work inside the IQwic software. And yes you should use the latest version of the firmware (ver. 1.100) to be able to do this. However, let me reiterate unless you are adding newer TCP/IQ components to the system you will not need the IQwic 7.12 software. The IQ for Windows 5.12 software is still the best to use with the USM-810; by it's self, or Legacy component only systems.

By adding the new firmware it will not make the device a TCP/IQ network deice. A computer must function as the network gateway for Legacy components. Thus the IQ Gateway software.

If you want to know the version of firmware your USM-810 has attach your computer to the USM-810 with a RS-232 cable and run the IQ for Windows 5.12 software it should find the unit and place an Icon of it on the software’s Workplace screen. Double-Click the icon to open it to the meter panel. Select the Yellow Bar at the bottom of the meter panel to get to the device's control panel tabs. Select the "General" tab. At the bottom of the tab window will be a display of the "Control Firmware Version".

The USM-810 has two memory sections. What I like to call the "Active" and the "Preset" memory. Active memory is what is currently being used by the devise. This may be a recalled preset or whatever settings have been set in the device. Active memory is what's saved when you save the settings to a file. Preset memory is stored in the device ONLY. To save the Presets as files on the computer you need to recall them one at a time saving them to the computer one at a time.

Firmware upgrades to the USM-810 are done through the RS-232 port. The firmware and the software need to this are available from the Download section of this form. Yes, installing a new firmware will erase the USM810's internal settings which will need to be reinstalled. So unless needed we do not recommend upgrading. Like the old adage says "If it ain't broke don't fix it”.

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