Bss prosys ps-8810cn as a preamp ?

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matsj    0

I have a Bss prosys ps-8810cn at home to my diy speakers and i have a question about it.

I want to feed the ps-8810 digitally from my cd player and squeezebox and use 8810 as a preamp. Is it possible to use a pot and connect it in the Db37 to get a volume control ?


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DGlass    0

Page 41 of the Users Manual has the Pin Outs for the db-25. Use one of the Grounds the 10v output and one of the analog input pins.

For example:

Connect a 10k pot across pins 28 (GND) and 29 (+10v). Then connect the brush of the pot to pin 30.

Next go into the software setup of the PS-8810 and go to the “Control Port” tab.

Select the “Edit” button for Analog Input 1.

In the Edit window select “Very continuously..” for the “Control Port Input Mode”.

In the "Control" window select the input fader(s) to control and select “Add” and then “Apply”.

The control port should now be assigned.

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