Any way to label stuff?

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I currently am running IQW 5.1.2 and have a heck of a time with this thing. I have been using PIP IQ stuff for many many years and this version leaves a lot to be desired as far as labelling. All I want to be able to do is to label my inputs to real names like "Mic 1, Player Mic 2 etc.." and the outputs the sams such as " Food Court, or Gaming floor" or whatever, just plain intuitive names like I can on my old stuff. This si getting frustrating and driving me nuts. The help file should be renamed "Helpless" as it is so vague it's practically useless.

Do they offer any formal training for this product or are we just stuck getting info form our sales rep that doesn't even begin to understand it either.

I use a USM810 and two crown amps running many speakers in a casino environment and we just want to label our mics and the areas the zones control.


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Yes, we do from time to time offer training classes. Brad Benn, who also posts here in the Crown Forums, is the person to contact for training.

You are correct in that there isn't a way to directly label everything in the USM-810.

One thing I have done in the past is to make a simple text file, of the I/O listing, for each of my devices with MS Notepad. I leave these files on the computers Desk Top where they are available when I need them. These text documents can be created by right clicking on the desktop selecting “New | Text Document”.

One thing else I have seen done is to make a custom control panel with the I/O info on it and a trigger to open the USM-810's control panel.

You could also create just a simple custom control screen for the zone.

Both of the above mentioned Custom Control pages can then be password protected for security.

I have attached a .wiq file created in IQwin5.12 that contains a sample of both control screens and a .txt file as examples.


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