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Audio Dropout on multicast bundles

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I have recently finished redoing a voice evac system with 5 BSS PS8810C and 38 CTs-600 amps with PIP cards located in 5 different locations. The network is a fiber optic gigabit ring with 3Com switchers. All BSS units have V3.101 firmware and the PIPLite´s are v2.07. I am getting a load of audio dropouts on the receiving end of bundle 1 from BSS unit address and bundle 3 from BSS unit address I have checked and rechecked all addressing, and bundling numbering, and the problem persists. I am beginning to think that the problem may not be my programming, but the BSS PS8810C´s. I am not seeing the BSS units going offline or freezing. The other 3 units do not give me these errors.

Below are a couple of lines of info taken from a screen shot of the TCP/IQ Utility program.

21:08:56 CobraNet rx audio dropout on RxA, bundle 1 (BSS PS8810C V3.10 40 @

0:24:19 CobraNet rx audio dropout on RxA, bundle 3 (BSS PS8810C V3.10 40 @

Any input as to why this is happening would be very much appreciated.


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