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So here's the story: I have recently acquired a box of about 30 CM-30s and I would like you use them to record with. I am well aware that I need a phantom power box, however my mics have 6pin connectors on them. And I want to wire some new connectors to it. I want to know whether I should use an XLR or a 1/4" TRS connector. I don't want to fry anything, and also a wiring diagram of a CM-30 would be wonderful. I have searched for one and have come up empty handed.

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brubart    0

When you say that each CM-30 has a 6-pin connector, do you mean the electronics module with screw terminals? If so, add a mic cable with an XLR connector to the module as shown in the CM-30 data sheet:

See Figure 4. The mixer cable is the one that you'd wire to the CM-30 module. At the mixer end of that cable, solder on an XLR connector. Plug it into an XLR mic input with phantom power.

At the module end of the mixer cable, connect cable shield to screw terminal 1, connect cable hot lead (red or white) to terminal 2, and connect cable cold lead to terminal 3.

Good luck,


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