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Can a connector be added to a CM-311A wire?

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rcarroll    0

I have modified a CM-311A by removing the wire head band and clamping the element and it's tube to a boom. I am a drummer and this works beautifully when I sing by eliminating the cumbersome headset and allowing me to back away from the mic to breathe. The wire is run along the boom and down the stand and the belt pack is hung on a clip mounted to the stand.

I want to make a break in the cable and add a connector so the boom and the mic can be separated from the stand and the belt pack. Can this be done without sacrificing sound quality? If so, what would be the proper connector type and pin positions for the existing Crown wiring? Thanks.

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brubart    0

You can add a connector to the CM-311A cable without sacrificing sound quality. The connector can be any type that has three terminals, such as an XLR connector or tip-ring-sleeve 1/4" connector. Here's how to solder the cable leads to the male and female connectors:

XLR pin 2: red

XLR pin 3: black

XLR pin 1: shield

TRS tip: red

TRS ring: black

TRS sleeve: shield

Good luck,


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