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No RS-232 port?

With the advent of the latest laptop computers on the market not having a Serial RS-232 Comm. Port available on them, there has arisen a need for a way that these newer computers can access an IQ interface for a Legacy 20 ma Current Loop system.

There are many USB to serial devices available on the market and what we have been observing is that some work better than others and some work better on some computers than on others. It is hard to say which one will work on your particular computer. Those units we have found to be fairly stable are the:

1) Keyspan, High Speed USB Serial Adapter, Model USA-19QW


2) IOGEAR, PDA/SERIAL Adapter, Model GUC232A


One of the people here at Crown has been using the Keyspan while another has been using the IOGEAR unit and both have been working for them.

Be aware that some of these USB devices like to use a very high Comm. Port number. I have seen one device that wanted to use Comm. Port 15. The IQ software, by default, will only search for components on Comm. Ports 1 through 4. If you cannot force the device to operate on Comms 1 to 4 then the attached Tech Note #10 will describe how you can force the IQ software to look for higher Comm. Ports.

An even more reliable method is to use a Serial I/O PC card. These devices use a PCMCIA card to an RS-232 connector and even though they are more expensive they have been proving to be more reliable.

The one I have recently started using is the Socket Communications, Serial I/O PC Card, Model SLO700-004 www.socketcom.com and it has been very reliable. I have also heard of others using similar cards with great success.

Disclaimer: Crown Audio does not claim that any of the above mentioned PCMCIA or USB devices will work with your particular computer system only that these devices are known to work with computer systems we know of-there may be other devices that work better with your particular system.

The device manufacturer may change their specs from time to time to which Crown Audio will have no control over.


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